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Critiques of the games.

:bulletred: Come and critique the game Okami:

:bulletred: Come and critique the game Okamiden


Have an Okami related group? We'll be more than happy to affliate with it! Just send us an affliation request and we'll accept it.

Note that we'll only affliate with okami related groups! ie Capcom related group is okay but not an anime related group. Ask if you're unsure, we won't bite! (:


Hello there,

welcome into our group about the games Okami and Okamiden.

Feel free to share your fan works with our community. Everything Okami related is welcome( fanarts, plushes, artisan crafts, fanfictions, cosplayers, etc.).

We're open to any questions and suggestions.
We'll also make news everytime we have new info about anything related to Okami.

Have fun !


:bulletgreen: Everyone is free to join our group, no need to ask for permission. Just click on the 'Join Us' button.

:bulletgreen: We are not an elite group, so we accept everyone's art, not only the best. To submit your picture, go to the appropriate folder and click on 'Contribute To This Folder'. We'll activate your deviation as soon as possible.

:bulletgreen: Submit you art in the appropriate folder.

:bulletgreen: Your original characters or those from other games/movies/books/etc 'Okamified' are allowed.
The main focus of the picture MUST BE some Okami/Okamiden characters or your Okami(den) OCs. Any picture with an Okami character thrown in a small corner will be declined.

:bulletred: Only one deviation per week and per members are allowed!

:bulletred: Porn pictures are forbidden.

:bulletred: No screenshots, official art works, scans of books or what.

:bulletred: Don't flame, insult or be rude to another member. If we heard you did, you will be baned from this group.

:bulletblue:You want to affiliate your group with us?
Then, read this please:…







:star:Nov 15 2015:star:

Hi everybody,

So the sign up is over and everybody should have received a message or note with everything they have to know( well, almost everything, we're still trying to sort out a few problems like broken links)

Anyway, this means you can now start working on your secret santa picture! GO!

Remember to post you art between Dec 14 and 21 2015.


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awsomness123 -
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:star:Nov 10 2015:star:

Signups are now closed, we will sort out participants and pair them shortly, please expect a note from us soon (:

Remember to send a note to the group to Register! You're not signed up until you do so!

Hey everyone! We're going to be doing a secret santa this year. We encourage all members who have some time on their hands to step right up and draw something wonderful for a lucky somebody. Sure it's only the end of October, but we want to give artists plenty of time to make their gifts! Also for those of you who aren't familiar with secret santa....

Members of the Okami group sign up, after signups are closed, each member will be assigned somebody they have to make a gift for. You will also be assigned to an anonymous somebody  that will make a gift for you.

We will note you telling you who your recipient is. Please have turned in your gift to us by the deadline.

Here are some general Rules to keep in mind.....
- turn in your art in time please, anyone not doing their part will be banned from the group
- don't ask to be assigned to a certain artist, everybody will be assigned via a random program, taking into consideration everybody's category of art
- no porn, no gore, etc., the usual
- do not reveal the name of the person you are drawing for until december when you're posting your art!
- it doesn't have to be related to winter or Christmas though that'd be fun as it's a secret... santa
- it has to be Okami related! If you're asking for someone to draw your original character, said character has to be Okami related( with a background story set in the Okami universe for example). Don't try to fool around, we will quickly know you're lying or trying to bend the rules

Life happens! If something comes up and you can't get your art made up in time, please contact us so we can prepare a little something for your recipient! As long as you're truly honest and give us a fair cushion before the deadline we won't expel you from the group.

Please keep these dates in mind!
November 3 to Nov 10- Signups!
We will sort out the registrants and notify you of your recipient by November 14 via note, You can then start on their gift!
The Deadline for completing your gift is December 14. Between the 14 and 21 of December is when members can start uploading their gifts to Deviant art. and sending them to their recipients,

Please send a note to the group to register, we also request that you notify us when you have finished your gift.
Once you upload it (see upload dates above) please provide a link to the deviation as well so we can present a nice organized list when we reveal them all!

Please provide the following information when signing up.

Category of your art, chose only one( digital, traditional, craft, photomanipulation, litterature)
Creatures you'd prefer to draw( canines, humans, etc.)
Will you draw a background with it or not?
The character you would like the other artist to draw for you( Amaterasu, Oki, Issun, etc., or even your own original character as long as it is related to Okami)( you can name several characters so the artist will pick the one they feel more comfortable with)
Anything else you'd like to say

We would also appreciate some volunteers for courtesy gifts for those who's secret santa falls through. If you're interested , please let us know! It doesn't have to be amazing, It's always the thought that counts :)
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colbyjones2040 Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for accepting my request to join this group.
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ello c:
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Thanks for letting me affiliate :iconkurow-forever: with this group!
for anyone interested it's actually just a general fangroup for Okami and Okamiden, but we have special interest in Kurow X3
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lagoonablue318 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
I see Beautiful wolfs and I have names but my sertch for more info is not going well can someone plz explain? 
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